Experiments | dragon fruit flower

A few mornings ago I woke up to a lovely surprise. The mysterious cactus-y plant that we had found on the side of the road and planted, and which had grown like crazy, had a giant flower pressed against the bathroom window.

A bit of research revealed it was the legendary dragon fruit flower that only blooms for one night, and glows in the light of the moon. I caught it as it was starting to close in the morning and took a photo using the phone.

dragon flower

I decided to use this as a base image for a number of experiments. I first of all played with the image in photoshop, first removing colour and then increasing the contrast on the black and white image:

dragon flowe bwr dragon flowe bw high contrast

I then played around with different filters. Cutout:

dragon flower cutout filter

neon glow:

dragon flowe bwr neon glow

stamp (setting 12):

dragon flowe bwr stamp at 12

… and fresco:

dragon flowe bwr fresco

and finally played with the fresco and made it duotone with Pantone warm red C:

dragon flowe bwr fresco then duotone - pantone warm red c


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