Exhibition | a visit to AGNSW

Lots to comment on

P1250234 P1250238 P1250239



P1250243 P1250246  P1250248




P1250254 P1250255 P1250256




P1250263 P1250265 P1250266




P1250268 P1250270 P1250274 P1250275 P1250276


Finally, The Haunted Lotus by Sydney-based Hazara artist Khadim Ali. I first encountered his work in the exhibition (the heart that has no love/pain/generosity is not a heart) curated by Haema Sivanesan at UTS Gallery

Artist talk at Sydney Writers Festival

Ali grew up as a refugee in Pakistan and trained in classical miniature painting in Lahore and in mural painting in Tehran. His family is from Bamiyan where the 6th century Buddhas were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.

The Haunted Lotus installation at AGNSW includes video (showing process work), painting, and a number of rugs depicting demons sourced from the Shanameh.

P1250279 P1250283 P1250285 P1250286 P1250287

I am trying to sketch a little bit in galleries which helps to remember the works, but certainly not illustrate them at this stage…




P1250288 P1250289 P1250293 P1250296 P1250297 P1250298



P1250370 P1250371 P1250372 P1250374 P1250377 P1250384 P1250386


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