Theme book: a love of maps

I’ve started to do more work on my theme book and in this post I thought I should record my long-term interest in maps and mapping with a few examples.

A peripatetic childhood which involved circling the globe a few times before I was 3, made me always feel like I was “from somewhere else” (in a good way) and fascinated with all the somewhere elses in the world. From the youngest age I loved maps and globes, hearing stories of distant lands, real or imagined, and dreaming of different places. I will always remember the words of a poem my favourite teacher wrote for me when my family was leaving Spain: Corre, corre por la vida:/a donde iras a parar?/ A tu nido, que es Australia/pero ahi no quedaras./Porque queen de niño viaja/de mayor a de volar. (Run, run through life:/ where will you end up?/ In your nest, Australia/ but you won’t remain./ Whoever travels as a child/will fly as an adult). Not the highest poetry, but a great sentiment which, even though not a prediction, has certainly been influential in developing my concept of self and my interest in place and in the other.

As I got older I learned to create and work with maps and plans, and have developed an understanding of, as well as a fascination for, the process of translating a conception of place into an image. I’d like to take this thinking into what I’ve been learning in the course.

I’ve been collecting maps since forever, I have racks of them at home…









… a collection of books about maps and mapping….

…. clothes and textiles printed with maps….

… and a bookshelf devoted to thinking about place and space….







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