Project 3 | Stage 4 | colour moods and themes

From the Handbook: Now identify a colour mood or theme that you feel really drawn to. It might be all tones of one colour; it might be strongly contrasting colours; hot or cold colours; something like sunsets, landscapes or seascapes. Look through all your postcards and resource material and nd an image or collection of images that illustrates your theme. Be aware of your responses to colour, the things that you’re drawn to, and the things that interest you less…

I created a few different colour themes. The easiest for me is “grey and yellow” – not inspired by nature or anything but some time ago I noticed that I was drawn to this colour combination and that my eyes lingered on this grouping. I started a Pinterest board just for this colour combination – some screenshots below, plus some samples from my colour bag.







I’, mot sure why I’m drawn to this combination of colours, but I’m glad I picked up on it and started collecting images before I read the assignment – it means my eyes are being tuned by the exercises I’ve been doing in the course.

I normally wear either all black or a combination of bright patterns, and I remember being surprised at myself when I noticed my response and set up the Pinterest board. I think I like the contrast and tension between the happy bright yellow and the dull elegant grey.


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