Project 2 | Stage 3 | A sample

From the Handbook: Choose a drawing with strong lines or linear qualities, preferably one of your own drawings. Use a viewing frame to isolate an interesting area to work on…. Choose an area which is not too complicated and which has variety: for example, thick lines against thin lines; broken lines against continuous ones; sharp against delicate; curved against straight. Pin up your drawing and stitching samples…


Select fabric, yarns, stitching styles….. once your decisions are made, try to work in a spontaneous way. Don’t make an exact copy, mark for mark. If you did, the result would probably have a lifeless, overworked quality. Use stitches expressively, to capture the mood or essence of your drawing.

Let your stitch ideas evolve from drawing and don’t worry if the result turns out very different from the original.





I was a little bit experimental with this one, trying to capture the freedom of the marks by keeping the black stitches very loose…. I don’t know whether this is what was intended by the exercise, but I kind of like the result.


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