Project 2 | Review


Can you begin to see the relationship between stitching and drawing? Absolutely – these exercises have been an eye-opener.

Were you able to choose stitches which expressed the marks and lines of your drawings? Not always – I think my eyes are open but my hands and skill and discernment haven’t caught up.

Did you choose the right source material to work from? Sometimes – I probably would select differently now.

Do you think your sample works well irrespective of the drawing? Or is your sample merely a good interpretation of the drawing? I was quite happy with the mark-making sample in itself, without relying on the drawing. I think it’s more interesting than the drawing and more engaging.

Which did you prefer – working with stitch to create textures or working with yarns to make textures? Which worked best for you and why? Make some comment on individual techniques and sample pieces. Did you experiment enough? Did you feel inhibited in any way? I think it’s probably too early to make the call – I know that in both instances I most enjoyed the process when I followed the directive to loosen up and not worry about making an exact copy – and that these looser, more expressive stitches gave the best results.

Do you prefer to work from drawing or by playing with materials and yarns to create effects? Which methods produce the most interesting work? I think drawings provide a good base but working directly with materials opens up more creative avenues. I think I’d like to develop both skills and keep these differences in mind.

Are there other techniques you would like to try? Are there samples you’d like to do in a different way? These exercises have started me on a lot of experimentation and ideas. I imagine I’ll keep on experimenting while working on other projects.

Is there anything you’d like to change in your work? If so, make notes for future reference. I think I need to get better at stitching in general, more even and so on. I also need to get better at selecting yarns, materials and colours. And, you know, everything…



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