Exhibition: Sculpture at Sawmillers | Sawmillers Reserve Sydney

This is a brief post about another exhibition I visited recently. Sculpture at Sawmillers is an outdoor sculpture show organised by North Sydney Council, and located in a sprawling harbour side park.

The setting was beautiful, the exhibition so-so – it could have done with editing/curating, but in a way it is typical of these outdoor shows and I guess they are not so much about quality or cohesion than participation, and engagement. So I won’t critique the show, which had some “novelty” works like Voyeur (below) by Louis Pratt which was a crowd favourite:




The main reason why I’d like to mention the exhibition is that at least two of the works were in the textiles family. I’m really excited by how much textile work there is out there, now that my eyes are becoming attuned to textile-land… one of these was probably my favourite work in the exhibition, Feather Hull by Mark Swartz, a 3 x 2 x 1.2 metre form of bamboo and steel wire:




And the other was Apparition by Tina Fox, a 2 x 2.8 metre work in cotton string:




I’m really enjoying seeing large-scale textile works, particularly in outdoor settings. I’ve started a Pinterest Board to record them as I encounter them, I think there’s something here worth pursuing.


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