Theme Book: mapping my journeys

My interest in maps and cartography is a part of my life. I’m often compelled to map where I’ve been, using My Maps in GoogleMaps or other applications. When I’m about to visit a new city I tend to not scrutinise it too much on a map before I go, because I love the feeling of being lost – almost impossible to achieve nowadays, at least in urban areas. Once I’ve had a “mapless” experience I do a lot of research and let what appear to be interesting features of the map guide my explorations, rather than relying on tourist guides and the such. I like to touch water, so these meanderings usually take me to rivers, lakes and oceans. I then plot my walks, bike rides, train journeys and kayaking trips on a map. I have hundreds of these little maps, many of which I’ve printed and added to my theme book. A small sample below showing journeys at different scales, in different modes of transport, in different parts of the world.

2013 Wobby to Patonga and Rocky Ponds

Broken Bay – walks Little Wobby to Patonga and to Woy Woy


Lisbon 2011 to nova university

Lisbon for SIEFF Conference – most direct route


Two ferries bike ride Port Macquarie 2011

Two ferries bike ride loop, Port Macquarie


Tsu City 2012 - to mie university

Tsu City Japan for IPRA Conference – finding the university


A research trip – Sydney-Japan-Finland-UK-Spain-Hong Kong-Sydney

kayak map

A kayaking trip around White Bay before work


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