Theme book – ideas

1482 depiction of Ecumene drawn from Ptolemy's  co-ordinates - from

1482 depiction of Ecumene drawn from Ptolemy’s co-ordinates – from

I’ve been thinking about the subject for my theme book for a while. So many ideas! I decided to commit to the first thing, I know how easy it is to spend time contemplating the endless possibilities that present themselves when the mind is receptive.
I’m a long-time cartography nerd, and my first idea was to look at mapping in more detail and see how the techniques and approaches I’m learning in textiles can relate to it. Over the next few months, as the theme book develops, I hope to narrow it down to something that can be turned into a project. At this stage I’m interested in the idea of mapping rather than specific maps.
There are a few other things that I’m interested in that relate to mapping in some way: the relationship between place and identity, site-specificity, walking, pilgrimage, geometry, landscape, gardens, sacred geometry, land art, navigation, kayaking… I’m thinking of keeping a satellite theme book for all other ideas, that way I won’t feel like I’m missing something and can hopefully concentrate on the one thing.
Other things I’ve thought about for themes (that I’ll “feed” in the alternate theme book) include: sound, linear perspective, textiles in public places, activism, annunciation, halos, glow, relationships with animals, feminism, stories, movement, memory, oral histories, bioluminescence, feathers, small lists (7 deadly sins, 12 signs of the zodiac, etc), people with wings, rivers, sailing, language, pattern, translucency, palimpsests, flamenco, screens, language and lost languages, fire, dawn, sustainability, mythology, retro-futurism, super heroes, labyrinths, sky, space exploration, taxonomy, poetry, tree of life, utopias, gomi, cities….
Plenty to think about over the next few years!

For now I’ve started to research maps and textile artists who work with maps, and a pintrest board to quickly sit ideas in and complement my theme book.


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