Parallel textile adventures: learning to weave part1

weave 1 aa

At the end of last year my always-supportive partner sent me a text message: hi textiles girl, do you want a loom there’s one at the bower? (the Bower is a fantastic reuse and repair centre in the equally fantastic Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville).

… so I have a giant loom in the office. It’s a gorgeous thing, I love pulleys and levers and all sorts of equipment that has workings I can  (or think I can) understand and fix.

The first thing to do is learn, and after a bit of research I found the NSW Weavers and Spinners Guild in Burwood, not too far from home. The Guild teaches weaving in modules, with a new beginners course starting at the end of January. I signed up, joined the Guild, hired a so-called “portable” loom, and entered weaving-land…

I LOVE it. I love the no-nonsense course, the knowledgeable and patient instructor, and the small and friendly class. I’m definitely the least experienced but one module in and I’m starting to get the hang of it. There’ something satisfyingly architectural about it, especially the diagrams and plans, and also something satisfyingly physical about it, as the fabric is formed by your actions,  and something non-physical (not sure of the word) about it, as your mood and energy levels are translated into cloth…

With the old floor loom, I don’t yet know if it works, although as I learn it is starting to become familiar to me. I think after this next 8-week term I’ll be ready to have a go.


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