Parallel textile adventures: learning to weave part 2

weave 1 b

I don’t yet have the lingo to be able to describe my weaving projects in other than the most basic and unweaving-y terms, so my post will rely on photographs to tell the story.

weave 1 bb

weave 1 c

It is worth noting that before I started class I had absolutely zero experience in weaving and close to zero experience in knitting, crochetting or other yarn-y crafts – so I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to see the cloth grow before my eyes!

weave 1 cc

weave 1 d

weave 1 e

The first project is a scarf in plain weave in a 4-shaft loom using 8-ply wool in blues and browns. Amongst many other things we learned to use a warping board, to work out sets and denting patterns, to change colours in the weft, to finish off, and to make fringes.

weave 1 f

weave 1 g

weave 1 h


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