Slight backtrack: creativity and making stuff. part 3

My next bit of making came straight after the BigCi master class. By chance or providence, I stumbled across weaving workshops conducted by the talented and inspiring Michele Morcos of tiny trappings.

I’m always interested in government initiatives to support artists, and heard about pop-up studios being organised by North Sydney Council in Crows Nest. I was interested in having a look, and I liked the sound of Michele’s workshop, learning to weave small baskets using traditional techniques and recycled materials, so my always-up-for-an-artistic-adventure friend Vic and I signed up and crossed the bridge – possibly my first time to set foot in Crows Nest!

Michele’s blog captures the feeling of a lovely morning spent learning the technical aspects and starting small, colourful baskets with a great group of women of all ages and backgrounds. We alternated between stimulating conversation and companiable silence as our little baskets started to take form. I loved it so much I signed up to a second workshop, this time at Object Gallery (see Michele’s blog post) just before Christmas…. and another at her new studio in Camperdown.

For me, aside from learning a very enjoyable and useful craft, both days were a great reminder of what I love about a creative practice and making – the gentle concentration and peaceful silence, watching something take form in your hands, solving small problems and making small decisions, discovering things about yourself you may not be quite conscious of (for example, I raced back from Melbourne to attend the second workshop and was a little bit flustered when I arrived – and this was reflected in the very tight stitches at the centre of my basket).

I believe that you often get what you need, if you’re looking and open to it. These simple, hapy, generous sessions were a great gift, and, together with a number of other similar experiences, have planted seeds that I feel will grow.

I haven’t been diligent in photographing my baskets, an example of a work in progress (the one that started very tight) below.

2012 01 06 basket 01 - 032012 01 06 basket 01 - 022012 01 06 basket 01 - 01


2 thoughts on “Slight backtrack: creativity and making stuff. part 3

  1. Hello lovely Eva! How are you?? Thank you for your kind words and for your generous nature. I loved meeting you… and I hope we can do another workshop together soon! I love your weaving! The colours are beautiful and are true reflection of you… x

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